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Ford Power Stroke Engine Diesel Service

We maintain, repair, and replace these engines. These engines are used in trucks and provide the power and performance for long and short-haul and are known for power and dependability. Our technicians can work on gaskets, oil coolers, head studs, injectors, oil pumps, exhaust, and rebuild or replace the engine. We know how to repair other parts connected to the engine, and we have OEM certified parts for these special repairs. There are many different models, and our technicians have the training to do the job correctly. These engines have been the leading engines in the light to medium diesel truck models.

Our service department provides regular maintenance services for your diesel Power Stroke engine. We perform oil and filter changes, coolant refill and exchange, and add fuel additives when needed. At 7,500 miles, we suggest getting an oil and filter change and inspecting and replacing your engine filter. You might want to have your tire rotated when we perform these services. We use the manufacturer recommended oil and have synthetic oil changes for Power Stroke engines. Synthetic oil is recommended and is the highest quality. Synthetic oil last longer and does not have to be changed. It controls the engine temperature and does not break down. This synthetic oil is made for diesel engines.